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Alternative Treatment Puts 4yr Old In A & E 

October 2016

4yr old in A & E text

Hi everyone,

A young autistic boy who ended up in A&E due to his ‘complementary medical treatment’.

What is baffling, is that no further history is given about this child.

Was this child born autistic?

What support was the family getting before they went to seek help from a complementary health practitioner?

If this child was not born with autism, when did it start?

Could it possibly have been caused my iatrogenic causes?

Did this child’s complementary medical practitioner create an iatrogenic effect like traditional medical doctors are known to?

So let us stand back and ask what happens when….

A child has suddenly developed symptoms after a vaccine? To the point this child no longer can verbally communicate and has constant diarrhoea?

A teenage girl ends up in a wheel chair within days of having the HPV vaccine?

Eczema clears up but the individual now has asthma, a deeper more life threatening condition

A 30 year old female is now just about getting through her day after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue following a history of birth control pill use and a host of antibiotics all for acne


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