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How are you today and how is your family? The purpose of this website and our work is not to overload you with  information or trendy ‘words’ but to let you know about the benefits of complementary therapies, namely homeopathy, nutrition, naturopathy and homotoxciology.

Think back to the last time when you woke up in the morning singing (or whistling, for those of you who struggle with tuning the voice box) without the un-welcomed blaring sound of the alarm clock?…If you can not think back that far, not to worry…we may be able to help get that ‘pep in your step’ again and even throw out the alarm clock, why not just rely on your body’s natural rhythm?  After all our ancestors did.

Well for whatever reason you have found yourself browsing this website, we hope you will find it useful and maybe even get some tips on how you can boost health and well being.

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Khush Mark (PhD)


Seasonal Tantrums

April 2014



It is that wonderful time of year when new life begins…the arrival of colour, new shoots and not to mention longer daylight. The Northern Hemisphere is busy! In the ancient times we relied on the rhythm of the seasons and our bodies are still intrinsically tied to the seasons whether we allow for them or not. It is also time for the perfect detox and I am not referring to the ‘synthetic detoxes’ that involve numerous products promoting either weight loss or banishing cellulite forever.  These detoxes are not naturopathic friendly. They are focused on short-term goals involving the purchase of products that are aimed at financial gain rather than long term health gain.

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