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How are you today and how is your family? The purpose of this website and our work is not to overload you with  information or trendy ‘words’ but to let you know about the benefits of complementary therapies, namely homeopathy, nutrition, naturopathy and homotoxciology.

Think back to the last time when you woke up in the morning singing (or whistling, for those of you who struggle with tuning the voice box) without the un-welcomed blaring sound of the alarm clock?…If you can not think back that far, not to worry…we may be able to help get that ‘pep in your step’ again and even throw out the alarm clock, why not just rely on your body’s natural rhythm?  After all our ancestors did.

Well for whatever reason you have found yourself browsing this website, we hope you will find it useful and maybe even get some tips on how you can boost health and well being.

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Khush Mark (PhD)


Back To School 

September 2016



Hi everyone,

So the summer holidays are nearly over and for some they were over a few weeks ago… after several requests here goes on some nutritional tips…there will be another post addressing more the emotional side of going back to school and maybe even work for some adults.

First I would like to shatter the myth that just because a child goes back to school after the summer break does not mean they ‘catch colds’ at school. The reason why children for the first few weeks can get a cold or feel unwell with fevers or stomach bugs is basically their immune system is going through a bit of a roller coaster because their mind is going through exactly the same roller coaster. The immune system cannot go through a dip without the mind following or vice versa. After all our bodies are wholly inter-connected ..this is a well known researched fact, orthodox medicine is just playing catch up and will be for a very long time.


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